Political power has undermined the numerical strength of the Igbo in Jos-North

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Every state has its local government areas, and these are the administrative units of the state, providing all the essentials of good governance.

Sometimes the composition of a local government is built along close lines of similar intricate interests. Most of which mirrors the contractions that surround the constitutional interpretation on the place of citizenship and indigenes.

The federal character represents what has reinforced our statehood. And as such, it gives space for congregation of concerns bothering around how political power can be pursued through political process. This has been the fundamental guide that is impeded in the various demonstrated actions by state actors and non state actors alike.

Numerical strength galvanizes the core of how this electioneering process is been aggregated. Be it Economic, Social, Ethnic and in most cases, religious.

Fault lines emanates from this segments. Jos- North has suffered as a trigger factor, a sensitive tectonic area and of great security concern which has resulted to ‘ tactical avoidance ‘ of elections, as a cost of peace.

Many palliative measures for peace in Plateau State has recognized this factor and its volatility to sustainability of a peaceful coexistence in this area. But beyond this raises credible questions surrounding the composition of the said Jos- North. Dominant indigenous people are the Anagutas, Beroms and the Afizeres.

The conglomeration of the hausas and the subsequent contest to political power in the recent times has undermined the numerical strength of the Igbos in terms of economic and numerical strength.

This is same for other citizens of southern western and the Niger Delta extraction that have lived and transacted on the plateau for decades.

The major business areas of the metropolis are surrounded by the Igbos. From bauchi road to Mararraban Jama’a, the Igbo’s are dominant in major distribution of critical goods. From building materials, stationeries, consumables, health products, education and sustained commercial activities across the Seventeen local government areas of Plateau state.

Reasons why the Igbos suffers subconscious exclusion from the political power interest has remained a myth that need further probing.

This would certainly be a pointer for the new thought and trajectory that needs to be looked at more closely as it has always been approached.

Narratives & ambiguous assumptions has sufficed for the discussion to be about the Hausas and the Beroms in most cases. Or rather, between the Muslim and the Indigenous Christian People. Circumventing around the issue has made strategic concerns suffered protractive dislocations in the provision of general public goods, in reconstructing the New out lay of the composition, along interests and group dynamics of the local government area.

Avoidance theory have resulted in the swing the local government is subjected to, giving priority to distorted perception which is reinforced by the ‘post Babangida’ Jos north.

Nigeria is a multi ethnic nation.

This nations that formed the federation have unique differences which forms the core attributes of the people. Culture, religion and social values typify this all, giving a face for everyone and ultimately providing everyone’s identity. This goes to say that we all come from somewhere but we can’t be from everywhere.

This complexities has been substituted with assertions that is plagued by conflicting contradictions, mostly neglected and void of the historical realities that can been verified.

We should have an accommodating voice and not undermining the ‘ plurality ‘ of today’s society.

Citizens rights and freedom should not in any way subdue genuine facts that affects our history, people, culture and values. And even in considering the majority’s way, no one should suppress what the minority is saying.

Enduring society built upon justice and equity should accommodate the aforementioned. Concession have to be made for a prosperous society, but placing truth to reflect only the disposition of the other is more of a false truth, and is always dangerous than ignorance.

Written by John Baling Fom

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