The mistake of naming that road in Jos after Buhari

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Rolling out the red carpet to welcome a man who tacitly abated the killings of our wives and children with his “eerie silence” is pardonable.

Wearing our best “agbadas” and “baban rigas” and putting up our prettiest smiles to shake hands and warmly embrace him is excusable.

Organising Jarawa dancers and the Plateau cultural troop and celebrate a man who has consistently overlooked Plateau in many federal appointments is OK.

However bestowing on to such a one, the honour of being named after Plateau’s most prominet road is at best ill-advised, insensitive and an insult to the victims of the killings which Buhari tacitly abated.

For Maman Bitrus in Dong village, who will be watching PRTVC tonight and see that the very man who was totally silent over the killings of 4 of her children is bestowed an enviable honour in the land he failed to protect –this must bring tears to her eyes.

For Baban Agwom, whose wife was raped to death by herdsmen as she fetched water from the stream –the news must break his heart.

For Maren and Macham in Daffo district –which yesterday 7th March 2018 and today 8th March 2018 (as Buhari arrived) was under sustained onslaught for hours –with over 9 people murdered, they must be dumbfounded that the man who failed to protect the constitution he swore to uphold is being honoured by the very people he failed to protect.

What really has happened to us on the Plateau? Why are we so cheap, so quick to please, so beggarly, so low in self-esteem, so timid? Why are we so subservient and lacking in confidence? What really has happened to Plateau?

I challenge you to go back and review the speech President Buhari delivered at the Little Rayfield Government House today. Not once did he mention the killings in our villages. Not once did he sympathise with the victims of the carnage. Essentially, Buhari remains defiant and aligned with his kinsmen about the narrative of the conflict on the Plateau. I say this, because in Taraba –he did mention the troubles –albeit in an unusual way, see:

The Government of Taraba didn’t find him worthy of such recognition and we in Plateau do? What is the basis for such recognition? Naming such a prominent project after such a fellow is a costly mistake.

Many Plateau citizens are starting to see through the consistent actions to woo and curry favour at the expenses on general opinion and that can prove tough.


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