Plateau: We’ll ‘shoot aside’ residents with illegal weapons – OPSH Commander

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Commander of Operation Safe Haven (OPSH) Major General Dominic Onyemelu has vowed to ‘shoot aside’ anyone found with illegal weapons within his operational area in Plateau, Southern Kaduna and parts of Bauchi State.

Gen Onyemulu disclosed this on Wednesday during a peace meeting with traditional ruler, religious leaders, Ardors and youths leaders within his operational area.

‘Anybody that the Operation Safe Haven found with illegal weapons will be shoot aside. Any community that we hear has weapons, we must go to that community to recover them at all course.

‘This is the final warning to everybody, we are not going to tolerate killings, attacking of human beings or animals will not be accepted,’ he said.

Gen Onyemulu explained that any community that harbors criminals would be held responsible for the action of those criminals.

He directed the traditional rulers and Ardors to go back and address their communities on the decision taken as the Command will no longer accept killing of innocent lives and wanton destruction of properties.

Gen Onyemulu urged the community leaders to resolve all issues of destruction of farm lands and cattle rustling and pay adequate compensation.

‘We are tired of these killings. It is important for those of you who are old enough to entrench a peaceful generation to our children and generation to come.’

Traditional rulers, Ardors and community leaders from the area of operation all endorsed the decision of shot aside of those found with illegal weapons to curb the killings.

Earlier, representatives of Agingi, down base, a new community in Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau State, have begged Plateau State Government and security agencies in the state to provide security for them.

The residents who are mostly Igbo and the Yoruba match to the Press Centre Jos, and said they have been under security threats for five days.

Charles Okoro who spoke to Journalists said if their security is not guaranteed, they would prefer government to help them with security to evacuate their properties and leave to their respective states.

He explained that they are a community in between the herders and the natives where 8 persons were recently killed while their houses are looted on daily basis.

Feyi Olufosoya and Emeka Peter, whose houses were looted said they all abandoned their house due to the impact of sophisticated gunshots around their communities.

‘We have not sleep in our houses for five days and those who went to pick one thing and the escape narrowly. We are begging government to help us,’ he said.

SOURCE: The Sunonline

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