Plateau Christian leaders kickstart 2million man prayer march against insecurity

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The General Overseer of EBOMI International Ministries and Convener of ‘Initiative for a Better and Brighter Nigeria (IBBN)’, Prophet Isa El-Buba, has commenced a 2 million man prayer march against raising insecurity in Nigeria.

He said the country is on the ‘verge of total collapse’ and charged religious leaders to come together for the restoration of security in the country.

El-Buba stated this during the kick-off of a two million man prayer march put together by the “Initiative for a Better and Brighter Nigeria (IBBN)” held at the Rwang Pam Township Stadium in Jos, Plateau State.

‘The essence of this prayer is to bring about national rebirth and a national cohesion as well as national restoration to our nation. We want to see Nigeria pulled out of the ditch of collapse,’ El-Buba said.

‘Because Nigeria is on the verge of total collapse, we want to… ensure that the country is back on track to greatness, which is through the supernatural intervention from the living God Almighty.

‘This time around, we are saying that Nigeria must be captured back from the hands of wicked men and wicked leaders. It is time for a paradigm shift and every leader must wake up to his responsibility.’

Speaking at the event, Plateau State CAN Chairman Rev Fr Polycarp Lubo criticised the structure of governance in the country, saying only God can pull Nigeria out of the security crisis it has found itself.

‘Based on what is happening in the country, the kidnapping, the banditry, insecurity everywhere, the structural governance of the country has problem!. So, we are today surrendering the country to God as the only solution.’

The President, Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN), Rev Dr Dachomo Datiri, delivering his ‘charge’ at the event, said Nigeria is on the verge of war.

According to him, God is not happy with Nigeria’s Christian community for not coming together to pray for the redemption of the country to avert a looming war.

‘Let’s us ask ourselves, is God happy with the Church in Nigeria? I am not talking of the country yet, but the Church?

I am convinced that God is not happy with the Church in Nigeria because we failed to love each other and to come together in prayers for the soul of our dear country from the shackles of darkness. Our nation is at the brim of war, drums of wars are beating!’

The National Exercutive Director of the ‘Initiative for a better and brighter Nigeria (IBBN)’ Rev Dr Chung Pam Chu, said citizens have loss hope in Nigeria’s security system.

He said that the programme, flagged off in Jos, Plateau State, will be replicated across the 36 states of the federation, including Abuja, FCT, with dates already set for the nationwide prayer programme.

‘This initiative is carrying our Muslim brothers along! As you can see, this is a Christian programme, we have already drafted Muslims. They too will hold their own nationwide,’ he said.

‘IBBN is an initiative for both the Christian, Muslims and the Traditional worshipers to rise and save Nigeria,’ he stated.

The two million man prayer march at the Rwang Pam Township Stadium had church leaders and their members walk round the stadium seven times saying prayer and singing praises, in reference to the biblical account of the fall of the walls of the city of Jericho.

SOURCE: The Sunonline

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