James Lalu Enriching Himself At The Expense Of People Living With Disability

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The disability rights commission which was created in 2005 when the present Governor was speaker of the state House of Assembly and its activities started fully in 2013 with the constitution of the Chairman and board members. It was heralded with joy by the disability community in the state hoping that it's now Uhuru for them in terms of the pains, trauma and sagression they go through every day.

The present Governor whose desire to ensure that persons with disabilities are given a lease of life carefully and deliberately appointed a person with disability to head the commission with two persons disabilities and two other able persons to head the commission so that the challenges of the disability community can be channelled to the Governor in its merits for immediate action.

However, while many people with disabilities in other states admire their counterparts in Plateau state because of the Commission set up by the state government feeling "una own don betta".

Unfortunately, such state's persons with disabilities are bereaved of the reality of the hijack of the Commission by an individual who has made it his personal or private company thereby fraudulently cornering all the activities, documents and finances accruing to the Commission thereby derailing the good and lofty desires of the Governor in seeing that the disability on the Plateau are touched positively.

The disables are totally left out of the scheme of things including his commission members who were appointed together by the government, these appointees don't have access to any document nor transaction of the Commission as the Chairman and owner of the company takes decisions including myriads of overseas travels without consulting them nor informing them.

The man James David Lalu is a fraud personified, he has succeeded in diverting most resources meant for persons with disabilities and disability programs given him by the humane Governor. He has been forging and impersonating as Chairman of the Commission even before he was appointed as Chairman.

He has been globetrotting many countries (in order to enjoy the estacord) with contingents from government and those close to the Governor so that they can be facilitating and fast forwarding/fast tracking his memories any time he sends them to the Governor whether reasonable or not, it will sail without query as the saying goes "the bribe of a man maketh way for him".

His tenure has add no value to persons with disabilities regardless of the great love and care the Governor thought he is showing the persons with disabilities by giving a speedy response to memoires emanating from the commission thinking that the disability community is benefiting from his caring gesture which the voice of those his aides whose palms have been lubricated by the fraudulent acts of this man James lalu. And the Accountant General has not fail in acting quickly to funds approved by the Governor in regards to the Commission.

He has succeeded in talking to all government offices not to listen to any person with disability, but refer all back to the Commission so that genuine and germane issues concerning disabilities are not heard by government and so no disable has the ability to relay realities to the government and Governor so that his lies would not be exposed.
He also uses Fred Bako to lobby for quick release of funds and responses from government via his brother Ishaya Lalu to perpetrate his self centered activities although the said Fred Bako doesn't know what is actually transpiring in the commission in terms of syphoning the Commission's funds.

The stroke that broke the camel's back is the wings recently developed by the 2019 International Disability Day and the 2019 Polio Day celebration funds graciously released by the government of Rt Hon Simon Bako Lalong to the Commission without observance of the days by the disability community and the monies released were #3.5 million and #5 million respectively without explanation on its whereabouts.

Governors of some states who are not privileged to have a Disability Rights Commission like us were able to attend the International Disability Day which afforded the persons with disabilities the opportunity to interact with their Governors whom many those Governors gave automatic employment, empowerment and free education to these people and the people praised and appreciated them. They were highly motivated by those interaction moment with their Governors having the feelings of belonging and encouragement that there is great hope in Disability since their Governors can come and listen and respond immediately to their plights.

Since this man took over the driving seat of the Commission, the celebration of those international 'Days' which takes place once a year have never been observed with releases of millions of naira by the government for the purpose done, but pocketed by the owner of the Commission.

In time past, #18 million was released by the magnanimous Governor Lalong to the Commission for the conduct of a Survey of persons with disabilities so that the concrete data of persons with disabilities on the Plateau will be known for proper planning and execution of programs. On receipt of the said amount, he opted to share the money with the Plateau state Bureau of Statistics who sat in the comfort of their office in Jos to concoct statistics which they can't come out with the result till date because we believe their conscience is pricking them.

The man has committed many frauds including collaborating with the landlord housing the Commission by conniving to raise the rent of the building from #2.5 million to #5 million per annum where the landlord takes #3 million and he James Lalu takes and pockets #2 million thereby increasing the financial burden of government whose resources are lean.

He has also turned the Commission's car into private car by taking it away for personal use after the expiration of his tenure. The same car was bought through the overhead of the Commission.

He cancelled the contract of Zawan Rehabilitation center (school for the blind) that was approved by the Governor on the guise of no plans for rams (accessibility) which the contractors agreed to include it in the structure without increasing the sum yet he went ahead to cancel the said contract simply because there is nothing that will accrued to him financially from the contract.

The rehabilitation center for training of the physically handicapped at Zaria road is completely dilapidated and worst of all is the frequent interruption of the students going home for lack of food which the funding is seldom looted by the owner of the Commission and oppressor of the disables in Plateau state called James Lalu.

Time will fail us to talk about the School for the Deaf which if not for the philanthropic gesture of Chief Ayuba Burki Gofwan it would have long been closed.

The man James Lalu refused to hand over the documents of the Commission to the Secretary of the Commission even after the expiration of his tenure.

He is still running the affairs of the Commission even outside the Commission simply because he has assume the role of the owner of the company called "Disability Rights Commission PLC".

Therefore, because of his dirty deals in the commission, he has gone to all government offices to make sure that any person with disability is referred back to the Commission for all matters so that he will not be exposed.

Unfortunately Governor Lalong having good intentions for persons with disabilities believe the lies from the man that the disability community are happy with him for his practical and actionable programs to them. While in reality and appreciation to the Governor he has been releasing funds for James Lalu's personal aggrandisement. The Governor is a good man who sincerely want to positively change the lives of persons with disabilities, but the man he appoint to superintend over the affairs of the disables is sabotaging everything by diverting every money meant for it into his personal pocket.

In conclusion, we call on the Plateau state Governor, EFCC, ICPC and the state house of assembly to probe the man Lalu until he coughs out every syphony of resources of the Disability Rights Commission and those that pertains to the persons with disabilities programs and projects on the Plateau.

~Concern persons with disabilities on the Plateau.

SOURCE: www.thestateofplateau.com/2020/03/james-...self-at-expense.html

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